About us

Our story

MediGrid was founded in 2020, the year the world faced a pandemic that resulted in a global health and economic crisis. Not only did COVID-19 put a major stress on the entire health system, it also created a major task for the academic and pharmaceutical industry: find proper treatments and a vaccine within months instead of years.


Early 2020 a team in Apeldoorn The Netherlands was working on a project to build a solution for the curation and analysis of medical data for the University of Liverpool. While the pandemic unfolded there were many signals from the academic community that there were severe issues involving the quality, accessibility and exchange of patient and research data. This fueled the idea to transform the solution we built together with the University of Liverpool into a standard solution. 

In the fall of 2020 we decided to name the solution ‘MediGrid’. The word ‘grid’ refers to the belief that all medical data should be shared in a decentralized network, without central storage and single points of failure. We believe a decentralized network provides a solution to share and exchange medical data in a safe and secure way. It provides a solution for the many complex privacy and security rules and regulations. 

About the organization

MediGrid is a product developed by Luminis Technologies, which is part of Luminis International; a software technology company with 6 locations in The Netherlands and 200 employees. So even though MediGrid is in the startup phase we have a large group of experienced engineers to support international projects and implementations. We also work with a network of international partners to implement MediGrid.

As Luminis Technologies we believe in the strategic value and advantage of data. We believe that data can help solving the big problems in the world. We see many organizations struggle to achieve this. Therefore we build, sell and deliver repeatable software solutions that empower organizations to maximize the value of data. 

Over the last 5 years we’ve built InformationGrid, a model driven data platform that is used in the education, manufacturing, IT and the health industry. InformationGrid provides the secure and scalable data foundation for MediGrid. 


About the team

The core team of MediGrid consists of the following people:


Maurice van Ree

Project manager

Raymond ter Riet


We are looking for new colleagues!

We are always looking for bright talents with a strong passion for healthcare and data. We are actively looking for product consultants, software engineers and business developers with a proven network in the pharmaceutical industry or in the academic space. Please send your motivation and resume to info@medigrid.io